Typical menus



Our menus will offer fresh seasonal products with home-made bread, oil and wine.

We decided to serve fresh and mostly home-made products, in harmony with the environment of the National Park surrounding Badia di Sasso.
This means that everyday menus are different and that the quality offered combines the care in food preparation typical of old country houses with the creativity of our chef.

The following tasting menus are just a few examples of a much bigger variety of dishes that you will be able to savour.
You will also find local salami and cheese and, every day a different pasta dish.

[ Spring Menu ] [ Summer Menu ] [ Autumn menu ] [ Winter menu ]


Spring Menu

Hors d'oeuvre
Country herb salad with "bruciatelli"
Nettle pie with sheep cheese fondue

First Course
Tortelloni stuffed with red weed and cottage cheese
Fresh egg-noodles with asparagus and spring truffles

Second Course
Roasted rabbit with savoury herbs
Watercress fillet with dog rose sauce

Green peas with thyme
Acacia flowers fritters

Cottage cheese "cassata" with strawberry sauce
Fragrant apricot tart


Summer Menu

Hors d'oeuvre
Fresh mountain cheese rolls with marjoram and garden rocket
Rich salad with vinaigrette

First Course
House-hold "quadrucci" with vegetables
Cottage cheese dumplings with basil sauce

Second Course
Chicken croquettes with pomodorini
Chine of pork in elder sauce

Vegetable fritters
Fried pumpkin flowers

Basket of wild berries
Italian peach-flavoured soft ice-cream with sauce



Autumn menu

Moulded pumpkin with almonds
"porcini" mushroom and walnut salad

First Course
Fresh chestnut noodles with mushrooms
"Garganelli" with broccoli and white truffles

Second Course
Wild boar stew in Sangiovese sauce
Sweet and sour guinea-fowl with walnuts

Potato, leek and mushroom sauté
Cream fritters

Bavarian chestnut cream with must sauce
Puff pastry tart with pears and custard


Winter menu

Hors d'oeuvre
Puff pastry tart with mint artichokes
Polenta croquettes and local ham

First Course
Cappellacci (big ravioli) stuffed with potatoes and Bolognaise meat sauce
Home-made egg-noodles with roe-buck and radicchio

Second Course
Brown stew of mountain hare with savoury polenta
Braised lamb in myrrh sauce

Artichokes with mushrooms
Sage and balsamic vinegar onions

Crème brulée
Apple and dried fruit tart